Mary McAllister

Anjum Malik is remarkable and incredibly gifted . She has a generous spirit and a genuine love of people. Full of sparkle, fun and laughter, with a contagious smile and boundless energy - turn over your project to her and she will make it real.

Rebecca Aaronson

Anjum is a visionary change agent, a resource wizard and a skilled relationship builder. Add that to a startlingly genuine personality with grace, sincerity and empathy along with a gift for connecting with anyone who crosses her path - she is one of a kind. Working with her is a pleasure, knowing her a delight.

Craig Newmark

Founder of Craigslist

It's important that people from different cultures get to know each other, and that's particularly true between Palestine, Afghanistan, and America. The Alhambra folks do a great job of that, brought four young women over to Austin so that they could learn more of American culture and share a bit of it back home.

William Cunningham

Former University of Texas Chancellor

Ms. Malik is a very bright, talented educational entrepreneur. She has helped literally thousands of students succeed at The University of Texas at Austin. Everyone in the University community owes her a great debt of gratitude.

Peter Morris

President and Chief Executive Officer of PRM Group

Anjum Malik is a natural born leader with tremendous drive, tenacity and with great instinct to understand obstacles and work around them in a classy way with a velvet hammer. Anjum has indomitable will, she is a tribute and a role model to women of all cultures, all ages, worldwide. Anjum not only knows how to talk, she is also a great listener and is often able to do the seemingly impossible. I can attest to that personally on numerous occasions.

Robb Southerland

Anjum is truly one of a kind. She stands alone by combining extraordinary personal integrity with professional skills that she dutifully and selfishly practices each and every day. She is highly organized, intelligent, perceptive, caring, and you can take her word to the bank.

Mary Anne Goldstein

Anjum never hesitates to step out of her shoes of comfort and walk on hard gravel, shoeless. Confident, happy and very caring, she has the firepower and the strength to take any adversity in stride and turn it around. A miracle worker who succeeds where most mortals fail.

Nasima Aziz

Anjum Malik has an ingrained spirit of service that shows in every aspect of her life. It is indeed rare to find someone so generously lighting the candle of hope for anyone in need.

Betty and Bob Rivers

Highly respected for her integrity and professionalism, Anjum is the ultimate in perfection.

Linda Armstrong

Anjum is a results oriented, tenacious leader, and a practical problem solver who always gives her best. A multi-gifted woman with a sharp disciplined mind, a true heart and a firmly anchored faith. Anjum is truly an amazing person whose tenacity, determination, and persistence are combined with a rare humility and a passion for helping others.

Susan Joseph

Anjum Malik is one of the most driven, resourceful, and tenacious people Iknow. A wonderful wife, a doting mother, and an extremely loyal friend, she goes above and beyond with whatever she undertakes.”

Gray Hawn

Internationally Renowned Photographer

Anjum is a rain maker who never ceases to amaze me. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Give it to her and she’ll make it happen. She is extremely professional, very caring, hardworking, inspiring, and a great communicator. The world is a better place because of her.

John Sibley Butler

Director Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin

Anjum is a very creative person with a lot of positive energy. She is a global leader who understands how to inspire the world.

Justin Mitchell

Anjum listens without judgment, communicates her feelings with respect and love, has a clear vision, always seeks solutions, and approaches problems as challenges.

Kinda Van den Nenhuysen

Anjum is a dynamic leader, full of energy and positive vibes. She is caring and thoughtful while seeking a solution to every challenge. She is well-connected and respected by all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

Paula Nirschel

Founder of the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women

Anjum’s sincerity in wanting to help the underserved makes her a hero. When there is someone in need, Anjum is there.

Christin Cross

Director, Marketing and Business Development at National Research Corporation Canada

Anjum is highly competent, resourceful and intelligent in all of her business interactions. She is also highly networked in the U.S. and beyond and always seems to know just the right person to contact regardless of the question or issue.

Dr. Michael T. Smith

Director of ESL Services at The University of Texas at Austin

Rather than create boundaries or become territorial in her personal and professional relationships, Anjum is a peacemaker, a bridge builder, and a community cultivator.

Rose Potter

Faculty at The University of Texas at Austin UTeach-Liberal Arts Department

Anjum Malik’s radiant smile, charismatic personality and big heart open the door, but her determination, energy and tireless effort pave the path to opportunity. If you want to brainstorm, build or branch out, look to Anjum. She won’t disappoint you.

Jennifer Shirkani

Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Executive Coach at Penumbra Group

Anjum is able to leverage her significant business experience to continually improve everything she comes in contact with-her business, her professional endeavors, her community, and her family. Her solution-oriented attitude along with her determined spirit make her a leader that others want to follow.

Abdelkhalig Mohamed

Managing Director for Gulf Conferences LTD

Since 2013, Alhambra has been an enormous asset for the Gulf Education events. From promoting the event to a North American Audience, to recruiting speakers and VIPS and lending their organization talents, they have been a pleasure to work with and an extremely valuable partner.

Dr. Posiah Mohd Isa

Director of Education for the Embassy of Malaysia

It was great pleasure working with you and the Alhambra team. On behalf of Education Malaysia and the Ministry of Higher Education, a great thank you to you for all the tireless support and help that you have given to the Ministry and the Embassy of Malaysia. The excellent success of the Higher Education and Embassy Showcase was due to the partnership we had in organizing it. You really demonstrate to me your fantastic network and abilities of running such events. I look forward to working with you and Alhambra U.S. Chamber in other undertakings in the future.