​Envisioned and created in 2009 by Ambassador Sada Cumber (First Special U.S. Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation), Geoffrey Connor (former Texas Secretary of State), Jonathan Black (International Communications) and Anjum Malik (international businesswoman), the Alhambra U.S. Chamber promotes educational, commercial and diplomatic connections, serving as a global partner to organizations, universities and other entities by offering:

  • Global Education and Leadership Training
  • Networking, Relationship Building, Advocacy
  • Business Development and Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding and Reputation Enhancement
  • Higher Education Capacity Development

Alhambra’s structure, capacity and connections are leveraged on behalf of its partners and clients in an effective, culturally sensitive and artful manner. It responds to the needs of its clients through the skillful delivery of services by a team trained to meet a wide range of logistical and implementation demands. Chamber professionals have the capability, the expertise, and the experience for engagements over variable periods of time, enabling the Chamber to help clients to design and implement strategic initiatives. And, Alhambra’s network of contacts provides a global channel for promotion of its partnerships and the facilitation of client interests.

The development of successful programs and relationships in collaboration with and between partners has established the Chamber’s reputation as a provider of effective solutions to its clients. Please click here for a list of Alhambra’s signature achievements.

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