Chamber’s Leadership in NY Times: “IB Not Right for Every Student”

“International Baccalaureate (I.B.) programs have benefits but are not the panacea that some advocates proclaim. Indeed, poorly implemented I.B. programs may be worse than no I.B. at all. Well intentioned proponents often underestimate the difficulty of implementing I.B. and overestimate the speed at which benefits manifest.

As I.B. programs become more common in America, we see a growing movement advocating their general adoption throughout the country ― alleging they will strengthen academic standards, increase America’s global competitiveness and better prepare students for university life.

Our son, who is a strong writer, graduated from an I.B. program and our family was very satisfied with the program and his experience. But we chose not to enroll his siblings in an I.B. program because it simply wasn’t right for their learning styles, which are more mathematical and science-focused. Saying the I.B. is beneficial for some students in some situations is one thing. Saying, however, it should become the standard, or even the only option for all U.S. schools, is another.” Read More on The New York Times Website