Alhambra Presents STEM Panel at Gulf Education Conference

Anjum Malik, Alhambra’s Managing Partner and Special Advisor for the Middle East to STEMconnector®, led a panel at the 5th Annual Gulf Education Conference & Exhibition entitled, “Workforce Preparation: A Key Component of Quality STEM Education.”

The preparatory workforce skills that are essential to a quality education in the STEM fields have been articulated by global research and resoundingly reinforced by government and business sector feedback.

Malik was joined on the panel by:

Dr. Khalid Abalhassan, Director of Innovation & International Outreach, RAWA International Inc.
Dr. Amal Fatani, Educational Consultant, Open Access Company
Lolowa Al Marzooqi, Senior Manager, Abu Dhabi Technology Development
Brad Boyson, Executive Director, SHRM MEA
Anand Sitaraman, Head of HR for Middle East & Africa, Tata Consultancy Services
Dr. Naser Zaeri, Director of Research & Development, Arab Open University – Kuwait

Media Coverage of the Conference:

The Daily Al Bayan, Dubai
Al-Fanar Media

What people are saying about the panel:

“Anjum, that was stunningly impressive arrangement, engagement and moderation. You gave the conference its best panel with the highest engagement and attendance. Thanks to you for the excellence.”

“Diane, we felt your presence in the smooth sailing of our ship. No hiccups. No surprises. No unanswered questions!”

“WOW Anjum – that content and delivery was fantastic. What a truly engaging session with so much audience participation. Super panelists, too. I learned a new presentation style from you.”

“Anjum, Your panel (was) the best part in the two day conference. Wish it could have gone longer. I really benefit(ed) from that discussion. You had so much of questions and answers from all attending. The panelists answer all very clearly. This is how we should conduct conferences in future. Thank you.”

“I was lucky to meet you and sign for STEM panel. We found it most informative, practical and engaging.”

“The panel you selected was top quality and your delivery was perfect. I want more like this. You came to us to ask questions. Very good.”

“Anjum, your conducting style brought out the best. You hit the nail on the head with brilliant questions so well explained on the screen behind which we really liked. The panel bios on rotating screens was a very nice idea. You saved so much time this way. The panel team was perfect.”

“Anjum, we are arranging a conference in Qatar and my manager will talk to you about repeating your STEM panel which was super. All panel members and you were very good.”

“I want to express congratulations for a very good management of your session .Your contributions and comments had an immense impact on the audience.”