Alhambra Partners with STEMconnector®

Alhambra strengthens its commitment to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through its recent partnership with STEMconnector®. Both a resource and a service, STEMconnector® provides the critical network link that allows those managing STEM education systems – program directors, government agencies, K-20 providers, industry partners, and others – to connect their ideas to improve STEM education globally. STEMconnector®’s primary activities span across five fields:

•   Organizational profiles
•   Outreach and data compilation
•   Social Media
•   Partnerships
•   Initiatives

STEMconnector®’s initiatives address some of the most pressing issues in STEM including diversity, innovation and the preparation of a well-trained workforce.   Alhambra will work with STEMconnector®’s initiative, Million Women Mentors (MWM).  MWM mobilizes corporations, government entities, non-profit and higher education organizations to assist and offer mentoring for girls and young women. In light of authorized statistics released in recent decades, merely 24% of women are in STEM areas while nearly half of the US workforce is comprised of women. Faced with this disequilibrium, MWM will run the engagement of the one million STEM mentors to increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women in learning and studying STEM.