Establishing a Presence in China

Alhambra has taken its educational activities to one of the world’s most important markets: China. Managing Partner Anjum Malik completed a week-long educational mission to Shanghai, meeting with governmental officials, higher education institutions, international student agents and even the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

“In 2014, if you’re involved with international education,” Malik says, “you need to be in China. This is a huge opportunity for Alhambra.” Among the Alhambra services Malik discussed in her meetings were strategic planning seminars, international accreditation consulting, strategic consulting and program development.

There are currently over six million college students in China. As the country’s middle class continues to expand and incomes grow, this already large number will expand dramatically. “As China’s higher education enrollment and needs continue to grow, China is extremely interested in adapting best practice from other countries to its own experience. This creates an incredible opportunity for organizations such as Alhambra.” says Jonathan Black, Alhambra’s Director of Communications and Research.

Alhambra’s trip also focused on Chinese students who study abroad. China is the largest source-country for international students, with almost 400,000 Chinese students currently studying at institutions in other countries. Alhambra is interested in agents representing these students for its University Fast Track programs, as well as other services including ESL, academic bridging, standardized test preparation and pre-departure training.

“I encountered enormous enthusiasm for Alhambra’s message on this trip,” Malik says. “Clearly there is a lot of potential here and our Shanghai mission was only the first step.”