Alhambra Promotes Fast Track Programs in New Zealand

Alhambra’s managing partner, Ms. Anjum Malik, traveled to Auckland, New Zealand from September 20th to 25th, 2013, to promote the Fast Track accelerated learning programs offered by the University of Texas at Austin’s Global Initiative for Education and Leadership (UTGI).

The centerpiece of Anjum’s visit was participation in the USA Universities Expo, an educational forum organized by EducationUSA to familiarize students in New Zealand with the opportunities and advantages of studying in the United States.

Anjum’s schedule in Auckland was a very busy one. Every event on her itinerary was well attended by students and their families. While it was busy, it was also productive. She reports that students had done their research and many came to the events with good questions already in their minds and found considerable interest in Fast Track style programs.

In addition to USA Universities Expo, Anjum visited several schools and met with decision makers at key educational institutions in Auckland. The U.S. consulate in Auckland took an active interest in the events and attended several of them.

Anjum is extremely pleased by the mission to Auckland, noting the organization and dedication of the EducationUSA personnel, the commitment of the U.S. Consulate and the high level of engagement and interest from New Zealand students. She feels the trip has played an important role in promoting and raising awareness of UTGI’s innovative Fast Track offerings.