Scientific & Technical Matchmaking

Science and technology drive our world, and access to the right expertise can make the difference between success and failure in actualizing opportunities and overcoming challenges. Our Chamber serves as a matchmaker to bring together entities needing specific knowledge or skills with the professionals possessing them.

Alhambra pairs governments, corporations, universities and NGOs with specific knowledge and technology-based needs with internationally-recognized scientific, engineering and technical experts who can provide leading-edge solutions. Our team works with governments to build up specific sectors of their economies and increase domestic capacities in particular sciences and technologies. 

We actively contract and collaborate with the following

  • Experts in solar power, sustainable architecture and green building design
  • Pharmacutical manufacturers
  • Real Estate Attourneys adept in real estate transactions in the US
  • Medical professionals including Telemedicine specialists
  • Construction companies in most regions of the world
  • Food Science and Technology specialists and food manufacturing companies
  • Multinational defense, security and aerospace company with experience and ability to scale
  • Red Tide management specialists
  • STEM Institution Consortia and STEM education facilitators


Anjum is highly competent, resourceful and intelligent in all of her business interactions. She is also highly networked in the U.S. and beyond and always seems to know just the right person to contact regardless of the question or issue.

Director, Marketing and Business Development at National Research Corporation Canada

Christin Cross