Communications & Media Services

The Alhambra leadership team has more than a decade of experience in private and public sector communications, marketing, and media relations. Recognizing the importance of a well-developed and properly executed communications strategy, the Alhambra team can provide customized media relations training for businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations.

Communication and PR Service Offerings

  • Publicity Management for conferences, VIP visits, and other events
  • Production and distribution of compelling press releases
  • Creation of targeted lists of media contacts
  • Facilitation of interviews with members of the media
  • Speech writing, training, and public speaking coaching
  • Public relations and cross-cultural communication strategy
  • Organize media/communications seminars for executives and managers

Marketing Service Offerings

  • Assist in developing a clear, high-impact websites
  • Copywriting
  • Target websites to multiple cultural and language groups
  • Formulating and implementing an optimal social media strategy



Anjum Malik is a natural born leader with tremendous drive, tenacity and with great instinct to understand obstacles and work around them in a classy way with a velvet hammer. Anjum has indomitable will, she is a tribute and a role model to women of all cultures, all ages, worldwide. Anjum not only knows how to talk, she is also a great listener and is often able to do the seemingly impossible. I can attest to that personally on numerous occasions.

Peter Morris

President and Chief Executive Officer of PRM Group