Business Development Services

Doing business internationally offers great rewards but also presents significant challenges. Alhambra has the connections, business practicality, and cultural familiarity to help your enterprise prosper in some of the world’s most lucrative regions.

Business Introductions & Partner-Matching

Alhambra has produced significant positive results for our clients through introductions, the matching of business partners and the booking of appointments with strategic contacts. Let alhambra make introductions with potential partners and key decision makers, secure meetings and, if needed, the Chamber staff can assist in the arrangements of your business travel. Alhambra has experience in partner matching in a number of fields including science, technology, medicine, education, finance.

Cross-Cultural Consulting & Training

We can connect you with experts who understand the cultural norms, formalities, and business practices that exist around the globe and know how to navigate through the roadblocks and bureaucracies. Alhambra consultants can act as your personal liaison, provide one-on-one training, and present workshops to bridge cultural boundaries.

Securing Funding

Finding the right funding sources can feel daunting and put an impediment on your organization’s growth plans. With our breadth of connections and expertise, Alhambra can connect you to funding sources appropriate to your market sector and project.

Event Organization and Promotion

We are experts at designing, planning, and organizing delegations, trade missions, conferences and events. Click here to learn more.

Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

Alhambra can raise the profile of your enterprise and build you a targeted effective communications strategy. Click here to learn more.


Anjum never hesitates to step out of her shoes of comfort and walk on hard gravel, shoeless. Confident, happy and very caring, she has the firepower and the strength to take any adversity in stride and turn it around. A miracle worker who succeeds where most mortals fail.

Mary Anne Goldstein

Highly respected for her integrity and professionalism, Anjum is the ultimate in perfection.

Betty and Bob Rivers

Anjum is a very creative person with a lot of positive energy. She is a global leader who understands how to inspire the world.

John Sibley Butler
Director Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin