2015 NAFSA Panel: Middle Eastern Women Build a Place in the Workforce Through Education and Entrepreneurship

AlhambraBCEC2015-0057The members of this unique panel, which was presented at NAFSA on Friday May 29, 2015, were chosen to highlight for the NAFSA participants the advancement that is possible when there is strategic cooperation between the government, business and education sectors – in this case, increasing the numbers of women participating in higher education and the workforce in the MENA region.  The role of international education in the development of the skills (soft and hard) required for these women to be successful participants in the knowledge economy was also highlighted. Strategic cooperation such as the ones described by the panelists provide opportunity through the benefits of education.

Amal Jamil Fatani, PhD
Associate Professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology, King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Janelle Rasmussen
Director of International Training and Special Programs, Middle East Partnership Initiative, Montana State University

James B. Smith
Senior Counselor, The Cohen Group, Former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Anjum Malik
Vice President of House of Tutors Learning Centers & the Intensive American English Institute, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Alhambra U.S. Chamber

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Is the Post-Graduation Picture for Arab Women Brightening?


“Stimulating discussion with great introduction of the panelists.”

“The ability to engage with more than one panelist at the same time was terrific.”

“It made such a difference that you knew the panelists.”

“The sprinkling of equal amounts of questions for each panelist was very good.”

“I could tell they were having a good time. Very well done.”



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